Even if you’re accustomed to 100-degree-plus days during sweltering Dallas summers, winters in North Texas can be just as vicious.

If it’s below freezing outside in the thick of a mid-February snap and your furnace fails, do you know what to do next?

First, don’t panic. Call us at Rescue Air Heating and Cooling, the company you can turn to for furnace repair in Dallas, TX. Tell us your heating problem and we’ll send a technician immediately to help you at your home or office.

Rescue Air Heating and Cooling is the most reliable HVAC repair company around Dallas, TX. Don’t believe us? Ask any of the many clients for whom we have successfully repaired or installed systems during our many years in business.

Reasons why your furnace or heater needs repairs

Common issues that can cause furnace systems to stop working are:

  • Circuit breaker issues
  • Pilot light failure
  • Clogged air filter
  • Leaks in ductwork
  • Failing thermostat
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Lack of manufacturer required maintenance

Fortunately, heater issues can be remedied, but most require the help of a professional. Amateur-level repair work can exacerbate the original problem and cost you even more money.

Best Furnace Repair in Dallas

Why should you choose our furnace repair services in Dallas?

You get many benefits when you choose our services, including:

  • Repairs on all kinds and brands of furnaces
  • Repairs for emergency situations at all times, including nights and weekends
  • We offer financing options and accept credit cards
  • Expert knowledge of Dallas building codes and home repair ordinances
  • We never use refurbished or knockoff parts to repair your HVAC systems
  • Our knowledge and experience enables us to provide accurate second opinions on work done by other firms

If you need dependable and high-quality furnace repair services in Dallas, TX, please call Rescue Air Heating and Cooling at (972) 964-2665.