The video above showcases the Hung-Rite HVAC equipment manager, a tool we use when we install our products in your home. It’s part of what helps set us apart from other heating and air companies. With a range of other tools and products detailed below, Rescue Air provides expert air conditioning installation services to help homeowners in Dallas and beyond.

How Our Installations Fight Contamination

Systemic failures like compressor burnouts can have a traumatic effect on your refrigeration and air conditioning systems. When those system failures occur, it’s not uncommon for HVAC systems to face a buildup of contaminants like sludge, acids, carbon residues and more that affect the integrity of your air conditioning.

When we encounter those types of system failures, we employ the use of Rx11-Flush, which is an HFC-based solvent we use to flush away all manner of contaminants from your HVAC system during our installation process.

Duct sealing

At Rescue Air, our top priority is ensuring your expertly installed HVAC system works and doesn’t hurt your wallet when it comes time to pay the bills. Air that gets distributed throughout your home is often lost in poorly maintained ductwork. Those losses can drive up your utility bills and make controlling your home’s temperature difficult.

That’s why we employ proper duct sealing techniques during each one of our installation projects. These techniques, like using mastic seal on all units, allow you to experience the full benefits of duct sealing like:

Lower Energy Bills

As mentioned before, improperly sealed ducts decrease the efficiency of your HVAC system and cost you more money.

Higher Air Quality

If your ducts aren’t sealed well, contaminants, fumes and pollutants have an easier time finding their way into your HVAC system and eventually your lungs.


Improperly sealed ductwork makes it hard to keep rooms hot in the winter and cool in the summer. You’ll remain in control and as comfortable as possible when you task Rescue Air with installing your HVAC system.

Why is HVAC duct design important?

If designed properly, your HVAC system will pump the right balance of fresh air into each your home’s rooms, while remaining quiet and effective. If your system is designed or installed incorrectly, it can lead to expensive corrections and repairs down the road.

There are multiple options available when it comes to duct design. They include deciding which type of HVAC unit you want, choosing what materials it’ll be composed of and selecting which devices will be used to ensure air quality control. Making decisions on this level can be confusing, but our experts are ready to tackle any questions you might have about the installation process.

More information on installing an air conditioner in your Dallas, TX home
The main components of an HVAC system are the outdoor unit and the indoor unit that contains the blower, cooling coils and filter. Another important component is the ductwork, which actually takes the cooled or heated air to different parts of the home. There are various kinds of HVAC systems, and most provide both heating and cooling. The heat comes from a furnace or a heat pump.

Do you personally prefer a certain brand of air conditioner? Do you want to cool your entire home or only a single room? These are questions you have to answer. When you try to cool several rooms with a small window air conditioner, you’ll have to contend with noise, motor burnout and poor performance. Have you considered an HVAC installation, the most cost effective choice for large cooling needs?

Compelling reasons to choose us for your air conditioner installation
Our company is a well-known installer of air conditioning units in North Texas. We’re licensed and have years of experience in all aspects of installing commercial and residential air conditioning units. Rescue Air Heating and Cooling is also the first choice for many Dallas residents when it comes to air conditioner maintenance and repair. Could we be the right choice for you?

In addition to installing your air conditioning units, we can also provide comprehensive duct cleaning for your home.

To learn more about our air conditioning installation services for Dallas, TX residents, please call us at 972-964-2665. Our customer care agents will be happy to help you with any questions that you might have — and get you the service you need.